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Executive Director

Dr. Preeti Bakshi

(Executive Director)

"We know what we are, but know not what we may be"
William Shakespeare

Welcome to Jaipur National University. When we opened the doors of the Seedling Academy of Design & Technology and Management Institution in 2002, we immediately got to work assembling a dozen world-class faculty and experts to address major academic issues. As we work together to explore ways to change the world we must recognize that we are interdependent upon each other for success both culturally and intellectually. To realize actual and sustainable change in our attitudes and communities, we need to embrace our individual differences while celebrating our commonality. Thus we intend to help students to explore career options and their professional skills, abilities and interests, while working with them to gain valuable work experiences as well as preparing them for fulfilling careers.

The diverse and welcoming community of the University established in 2007 is the perfect setting for students to gain the knowledge and experiences necessary for modern global workplace. The university collaborates with a range of business organizations and industries to ensure the programmes we offer are as desired in today’s global workplace. From Biotechnology to Literature and Education to Business to Engineering, there is variety in the programmes to enable students’ professional development. We invite the students to come and explore the many ways this university should be their new home away from home. Through community-based programmes, cooperative education, internships, distance learning, and research projects, students can lay hands upon experience that will help their careers in the real world following graduation. Whether it’s preparing students to take their place in ever- changing world, conducting cutting-edge research to improve lives, or partnering with local communities and businesses, Jaipur National University is making an impact, both locally and globally.

With a rigorous yet caring learning environment of JNU, students acquire intellectual and practical skills needed for effective and inclusive development and health care systems. With one of the largest and most innovative course offerings of any development studies programmes in India, students have flexibility to concentrate their learning in many fields of development. With most of our students coming from different states and developing countries, Jaipur National University is a stimulating blend of cultures, experiences and ideas that are shaping the values and ethics of development and its practice worldwide.

As the Executive Director of Jaipur National University, I heartily welcome all the students and assure to confirm our commitment to continuing its long tradition as a global university.

Have a great year ahead!


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